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Our Offer

We pursue project-based instruction that emphasizes thinking skills and the social and cultural relevance of curricula so that educational programs are consistent with students' needs, interests, and talents.

Economic autonomy, entrepreneurship and leadership.

"Learn by doing-selling and winning"

The Saminay student has initiative, is creative, acts with passion, is visionary, assumes authentic leadership, proceeds with pro-activity and responsibility in decision-making, and is prepared to face the challenges that entrepreneurship entails.


Strengthening the social fabric

"No success in life compensates for failure at home"

The Saminay student recognizes and values the family, the community, and the educational unit Saminay-El Legado as an essential part in the formation of character and the practice of values. He understands that the welfare of the community is his own welfare and acts accordingly.

Interaction, development and cultural autonomy

"Be a citizen of the world"

The Saminay student recognizes, values, maintains, nurtures, and re-creates his roots, identity, and cultural traditions.
He has the ability to interact and function reliably in today's globalized world. He contributes to establishing and developing intercultural dialogues that enrich him and enrich society.

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Spirituality and Ethical Formation

        "Personal integrity"

The Saminay student acts in accordance with principles and values such as honor, keeping one's word, solidarity, and righteousness, whatever the circumstances.
He is a being sensitive to the feelings and needs of others.
He is aware of the transcendent dimension of life and has a rich spiritual life, which dialogues and feeds on various traditions.

Join us in making a change in more lives

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