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Our Philosophy

The philosophical thought of "Saminay- El Legado" is based on the integrality of the student: physical, intellectual and spiritual. We base our pedagogical actions on axiological practice in permanent interrelation with nature, which we consider to be its essence. The earth is the mother that gives life. Water and air are the heart and lungs. Together they develop the generating process of all human, animal and plant activity.
In this sense, beyond the fact of transmitting knowledge, it is intended to link the educational action of the student in the search for his and hers happiness.

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We recognize the person as an individual being, one in himself and different from the others; singular, unique and unrepeatable and therefore original and creative, with the ability to give free and responsible answers, open to others, communication, dialogue, participation and transcendence.


Mentors take as a starting point in the learning process the previous knowledge that the students bring inherent, linking it directly with the new information



Makes possible the participation of students not only in the realization, but also in the creation, organization and programming of activities, in such a way that students can exercise their freedom of choice and initiative.


León J. E. Affirms that "human beings have the disposition to truly learn, only what they find meaning or logic to, and is applicable in their daily life." It is inherent in people to forget more easily what does not make sense or relationship with their previous experiences.



In the work team there is a common purpose and objective, its components are related to each other to achieve objectives and each member perceives himself as part of the group, this type of work that constitutes one of the fundamental pillars of the institution.


To maintain the taste for learning, the student must be made aware of the purpose of the programmed activities in the clearest way, that is, to know from the beginning of the activity where we are going, why and why what is being done is done, why it is studied and for what.


Join us in making a change in more lives

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